70-200mm F4 Portrait

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Re: 70-200mm F4 Portrait

This 70-200 F4 G zoom is easy to live with.  Quite excellent as far as IQ goes, right from F4 (shines at 5.6), and overall rendering as well as bokeh very pleasing, and given its reasonably compact and lightweight build it's a pleasure to handle.  I've had mine since it came out and have absolutely no plans to replace it with anything else.  I bought it only because at the time this was the longest FL available and I only shoot with it when I want the extra reach beyond 100mm, which is usually some sort of action like airshows and my kid running around.  I never used it as a go-to portrait lens as I don't care for the look at 200mm, but I've snapped a few close-ups over the years here and there when it happened to be on the camera.

Some people think headshots look great at 200mm but I feel the opposite... faces become too distorted (flattened) and unrealistic - the opposite effect of shooting headshots with wide angles happens.  Sure when you're trying to minimize your subject's big nose it can be helpful, but to me 85-135 gives the best balance.  Anyway, here are few snaps at 200 for you:

95% of my images with this lens are airshows where I find it really great with accurate and fast AF and excellent tracking

To my eyes it's plenty sharp with nice OOF rendering

Same here...

It's my only zoom lens and it's a keeper - ensures I have 0 lust over the GM 2.8

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