D750 not responding to some buttons, cannot enter menu / image preview

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Re: D750 not responding to some buttons, cannot enter menu / image preview

I encountered this same problem this past Saturday. Camera stopped autofocusing and tried all the usual lens contact solutions. Nothing. I noticed like a previous respondent that most of the buttons EXCEPT for the image review and menu buttons would work. Could not review an image. Could not get the menu to come up. After reading this thread I realized that what I had THOUGHT was a funny feel to the AE-L button revealed that the button was actually pushed in and stuck in that position.

Solution: I was able to use a couple of push pins to release the button up and get the menus to work which verified the problem. Unfortunately, the button was sticky and continued to get stuck upon use. Felt "gummy". Could not find anything like sand or debris around the button, possibly gumming it up. Open close inspection I could tell that there was very very slight impact damage at about 2 o'clock which was causing the button to stick.

Rather than sending the camera in to Nikon for $$$$ and loss of use during wedding season, I took out my Dremel and with a small micro bit I drilled out the part that was compressing against the button. this provided a full release and the button seems to work normally. This may allow other debris to more easily enter the button enclosure but I don't care.

Opinon: I use D3s and a D4s as my main cameras and always put this D750 on the left side of a two camera strap harness. The all get knocked around but I suppose it takes the most abuse since it is in my hand a lot less. I have found the D750 to be completely unworthy of professional use. The first thing to go within about a month was the menu dial which would just free spin. So, I duct taped that to Manual since that's all I shoot. Then the CF card door sprung so I duct tape that. And the eyepiece falls off all the time to I duct tape that. And the flash pops up so I duct tape that. My whole camera is duct tape now and gets an occasional laugh and comment from guests. I suppose it probably looks ridiculous. But, other than this incident, it still puts out great work. Who knows what will go wrong with it next, but I almost wear it as a badge of honor now. I'm going to MacGyver this thing until the very bitter end.

Take that Nikon Repair Service. I'm sure by now I have saved the cost of the camera.

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