What lenses would you like to see from Canon?

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Re: What lenses would you like to see from Canon?

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Zee Char wrote:

An affordable 400 5.6L IS II.

I hope Canon's view of affordable is consistent with ours.
And if it isn't too much to ask, I'd like it to be TC-compatible.

Version 1 is very affordable for anyone wanting to get into wildlife photography. 400mm is about the starting point for that. The best bang for the buck with great IQ for a 400mm lens. I was not aware version 1 was not TC compatible.

I have been thinking of getting a used 400mm and can't imagine more reach for the money than one on a crop body with a TC. I don't want to loose that compatibility if Canon decides to update. While IS would be nice, I wonder whether I could live without it and need to consider how much it's worth to me.

I'm a bit curious as to what the pull toward a new 400mm f/5.6L IS lens would be. With the new 100-400mkII, you have a very sharp 400mm IS lens. The original 400mm f/5.6 beats it in price and weight, but IS would probably eat into both of those. If they can add IS and sell it at the same price as the older version, I'd be all over it, but if it retails for $1500+ are there really going to be that many people clamoring for it?

Likewise, I think the 500mm f/5.6 would be very attractive but would probably sell for more than the discussion here was going. I'm thinking that Canon would price it around 3k. At the moment if you want to go past 400 f/5.6 in Canon lenses, you're jumping into the $10,000 range very quickly. If they make a 500mm f/5.6 IS lens that has the same kind of IQ we're used to out of the great whites and plays nice with a 1.4 TC, that could definitely eat into their sales of larger lenses if it retails for under $2k (and we know how canon feels about cannibalism from their video dept). As f/8 focusing starts to trickle down into Canon's midrange bodies, a crop body that can use 27 AF points with a 700mm f/8 lens becomes very attractive at about $4k for the whole system.

Good points. There is no easy transition from 400 to 500 unless you go 3rd party. A 500 5.6 does sound interesting as l long at it has IS.

Canon would have to make the new 400 attractive from the price point. Although my 100-400 is very sharp primes are usually sharper.  Also I find I'm at 400mm almost 90% of the time. If Canon had offered both the 100-400 II and the 400 IS I would have purchased the prime.

The lens I'm really interested in is the 400 DO II. I have see crisp shots with the 2X. Still looking at $7000.

My first tele lens which I shot for 8 years with is my 300L F4 IS. I opted over the 400 for the IS. I still have it.

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