Sony SLT Alpha 58 + Sigma 35mm F1.4?

Started Apr 17, 2017 | Questions thread
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Sony SLT Alpha 58 + Sigma 35mm F1.4?

Hey guys!

Long story short: do I need a new body or would the Sigma 35mm 1.4 work well with the Sony A58 and improve the quality of my images?

Here's more info:

So I own a Sony A58 that I bought back in 2013 when I was quite a noob and not that interested in photography. I simply used it for my fashion blog. However, this year I started taking photography seriously and I'm enjoying it a lot. I am just struggling with low light photography. I don't know if it's the lens or the body, but I do have a lot of noise and a grainy effect sometimes. It's not that noticeable at first but during the post-processing I notice the quality is pretty bad. I'm sure it's related to the body too and not only the lens but I wonder if a better lens could help me out with that.

I would love to switch to Canon and definitely get the 5D Mark IV one day (probably in a couple of years) but I will wait for it and in the meantime learn and make some progress with what I have.

So my main question is, do you think that using the Sigma 35mm 1.4 lens would be a better combination with my Sony A58 and improve the quality of my images? I have only heard good things about this brand and that Sigma offers top notch quality.

I have the kit lens (which I don't use at all anymore, honestly) and a 50mm 1.4 from Minolta that I shoot with all the time because even if I stick with Sony I would not keep this camera model therefore I didn't want to invest in Zeiss lenses or whatsoever. I still want to practice and learn until I am ready to upgrade my gear.

I've googled a lot recently and it's hard to find someone using a Sigma lens on the Sony A58. Most people either own the Sony A7RII or A77 which works great of course!

My only problem is the quality and the not so sharp images it takes sadly. It's not a big deal for landscape photography but when it comes to portraits it's pretty sad and noticeable. I have watched tons of tutorials and I'm aware of the settings that are required for this type of photography. So I do know as well that a higher shutter speed can help and avoid motion blur, etc.

If you're wondering what kind of photography I'm into - it's Brandon Woelfel inspired. He has shared some before and after pictures as well that are taken in a very low light environment. So even if he edits them and raises the exposure the images remain super crisp and sharp. Mine sadly don't.

Could anyone help me out with that? Do I get a new body or try out the Sigma lens?

Thanks in advance

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Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Sigma 35mm F1.4 DG HSM Art Sony SLT-A58
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