Why Nikon Went With D500 Sensor In D7500 ?

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Re: Why Nikon Went With D500 Sensor In D7500 ?

Bob A L wrote:

No, but I have tried mirrorless cameras.

Fine, I personally prefer OVFs to EVFs just in terms of how my eye feels but I also appreciate the info available in EVFs and the avoidance of chimping. So I own and use both types. However, unless you are king of the world, I doubt that Nikon would ask for your personal preferences then generalize it to the global market for cameras.

Fact is, the market for P&S has practically evaporated due to smartphones and Nikon used to make money from that market. Fact 2: Nikon is the least diversified of the camera makers and thus relies on DSLR camera and lens sales more than the others. Fact 3: The market for DSLRs has been in steep decline and has not shown signs of being at bottom yet. Fact 4: Mirrorless is newer technology which went from zero to having a significant market share and may have more potential for technological advancement in the future. Fact 5: Mirrorless sales are either steady or declining at a slower rate than DSLR sales. Fact 6: Nikon made a major effort in mirrorless via the Nikon CX but sales were disappointing and it has not made any efforts in that area since April of 2015 leading people to think it has given up on that line.

Fact 7: Nikon tried one growth area in one inch sensor P&S with the DL then gave up even before launch. Fact 8: Nikon tried another growth area in action video cams in the Go Pro class but that seems to be a failure. Fact 9: Canon has gained market share at the expense of Nikon in DSLR sales in the last few years. Sigma probaly has gained market share in dslr lens sales. Fact 10: Canon, despite being lukewarm to mirrorless has suddenly shot up in the mirrorless market share charts by starting to come up with competitive crop bodies only recently. Lenses are sure to follow. And FF mirrorless as well. Many people predict they will be number one in mirrorless sales within a year. Their dual pixel technology seems ready made for mirrorless.

Fact 11: Sony mirrorless FF has been a relative sales success and has certainly grabbed sales from a percentage of previous Nikon shooters. Fact 12: Video has become more and more important for many stills camera customers yet Nikon lags Sony, Panasonic, Canon and perhaps others in this area. Mirrorless has inherent advantages for video. Fact 13. Mirrorless is already equal in popularity to dslrs in the one remaining demographic growth area: emerging middle class in economically successful Asian countries. Fact 14: Sony, Fuji, Pany, Oly, and Canon already have loyal followings in mirrorless, invested in their lens systems, which may be difficult to dislodge the longer Nikon waits to compete.

There may be even more reasons than what's on my list but unless Nikon wants to fade into irrelevancy or try to become another Leica (highly unlikely to work), it is pretty obvious that they have to do something major in mirrorless in the very near future. DSLR sales may eventually reach bottom and stay stable, and Nikon may remain producing the best DSLR bodies in the industry, but not doing anything in mirrorless seems like a resignation to becoming a much smaller company that is highly vulnerable. If I were a Nikon shareholder I will certainly be watching Nikon execs closely for their plans in mirrorless and ability to implement them, even if I personally prefer using DSLRs.

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