D7500 and Non CPU lens

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Highly unlikely.

sandy b wrote:

Question: Is it possible with a lens with an aperture ring and manual focus to register the lens data in the menu system and have the camera meter the lens as described here?


Or am I missing something? I know my D750 does this.

I don't believe you'll be able to. You'd have to enter quite a bit of information--more than just the aperture & focal length.

The D750 works using this method for non-CPU AI lenses because it still has an AI feeler--so the apertures can actually be selected by the camera (and the camera knows how to adjust for the metering).  The D750 also cannot accept non-AI lenses at all without damage. Some of these non-AI lenses wouldn't have standardized aperture distances.

Take a look at the Df , for example, which accepts both non-AI & AI lenses (since you can physically de-couple the aperture feeler on the Df). There are extra steps for non-AI lenses.  You have to use the command dial to match the aperture you physically set on the lens, for example, and then subsequently meter.  For an AI lens, there's a simple toggle and everything works like the D750 at that point.

The D750 doesn't ever need to worry about non-AI lenses because they'll cause damage.  However, you can mount a non-AI lens on the D7500 just fine...there's nothing for them to damage.

So how would the camera know which lens or type of lens you're using or how to meter with it or how to control the aperture or the distances for the aperture lever?  (it won't) It cannot even distinguish between AI & non-AI.

I doubt they built in this additional functionality and these extra steps into the D7500...so far the only camera with it is the Df.

So I think it's safe to assume that the D7500 won't meter properly with non-CPU lenses.

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