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Re: Portrait peeping?

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I see that a lot of people selling 70-200mm F4 in FB, Ebay, and more. Any ideas why?

They want the GM?

Btw, are there any sample portrait images with 70-200mm F4 recently especially at 200mm F4?

I don't know of any. 200mm is a bit long for portraits. I don't see a problem for that use, though (if that's what floats your boat), since the corners aren't usually important, and customers (or subjects) tend not to pixel-peep portraits.


200mm is where the pro's start for portraits, because it gets rid of perspective distortion.

I've asked to to tell me why you think that is so. I am especially interested since it is at variance with my experience working with pros in that environment.

But let me offer a few examples from my own efforts in that realm.

For head and shoulders portraits, I've always liked a 150 on a 6x6 or 6x7 or a 120 on a 645. That would be the equivalent of a 90mm lens on a FF camera, which I've also used:

You can even move in tight with that combination and not have distortion:

Sometimes a 135mm FF equivalent works when you're really in tight:

200 on a FF camera? That's possible wrt the perspective of the image, but at that distance you lose rapport with your subject and you've passed the point of diminishing returns on perspective.

But show some of your portraits with a 200 or longer. Maybe you have a different idea.


I am a pro who has over the years gone back and forth on what focal length I use for portraiture, at the moment most of the time, I am shooting with my H5,  the 150mm(101FF) for full length, the mm(142) cowboy to waist and the 300mm(196mm on FF) for close face shots

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