Found a use for 2 card slots in my first week with the 7200

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Re: Found a use for 2 card slots in my first week with the 7200

cutterpup wrote:

I know the reasons behind wanting 2 card slots in a camera but have found a special use for me during my first week with a 7200. Right now I am learning my new camera, practicing, looking at the images on my computer and then going out and practicing some more.

For many years now I have only shot RAW. Well at the moment I have Lightroom 5.0, which does not support RAW files from the 7200. So I must take an extra step and convert them before I can see them on my computer.

So for now, I have the second card set to JPEG. I can pop that card into the reader to easily view the images and still keep the camera set up for RAW shooting without having to remember to change settings over.

In the future I will probably have the second card set to backup or overflow. But for now this is working well for me.

What you are doing is hardly a break-though. I used my D7100 for years and years like that until I decided that saving RAW images was a waste of time. I now use JPEG with overflow.

There's many options with the 2x SD system, and it's got some "smarts" built in, for example, I went out one day with only one card in the camera, but it still saved RAW+JPEG, even though they were normally on different cards.

Don't forget that you can specify the SD options in the user memories (U1/U2) if that makes things more convenient.

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