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Re: D7500 - Amazing to read the responses

Dennis wrote:

Brueghel wrote:

i believe 10% of the people who upgrade do it because they absolutely need the new bells and whistles...

Maybe ... last time I upgraded (from Sony to D7000) it was for a specific feature that I felt I 'needed' (need being very subjective in this context).

I haven't been tempted by the D7100 or 7200 ... the 7500 was initially intriguing for Auto AF fine tune and other upgrades which certainly don't hurt any (improved AF, bit better high ISO). I'd love the locking mode dial that any of those cameras feature, as I shoot Auto ISO in M whenever I'm not at base ISO, and keep knocking the mode from M to A without knowing it. Nothing earth shattering, but a couple appreciable improvements coupled with knowing I've gotten 4+ years out of the D7000, add up to a "why not ?" Until I read about the lack of a VC grip. These days, I use an RX100 and an A6000 for some of my photography, and my D7000 gets used mostly with the VC grip and 70-200/2.8, and I'd miss the VC grip too much to make it worth a switch. I'll probably just keep shooting the D7000 unless I see a can't-refuse deal on the D7200. (Or a really great price on a D500 ... I'd have to buy a VC grip for it and I'm not sure I want the bigger, heavier camera).

The D7500 is an interesting camera. I can understand why Nikon decided to differentiate it from the D500, but by putting the D500 sensor in it and improving the AF speed, frame rate and buffer depth, they sort of position it as an action camera (which you might want to use a VC grip for). It should still be pretty attractive to a lot of people, but it could have been more compelling in a shrinking market. If they offered a VC grip and dual card slots, they'd have a "mini D500" which would probably cannibalize sales of that camera, but it would be a pretty compelling upgrade to a lot more D7xxx owners. It would be interesting to hear what was going through their minds when they made the decisions. Anyway, it is what it is, and we all have some good choices available.

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Anyway, it is what it is, and we all have some good choices available.


You point out many good points. The move from 7200 to 7500 is not a no brainer situation.

I dont use a VC grip. I will not buy a 70-200/2.8 because of its weight. I bought a 300mm PF F4. I LOVE IT and appreciate the fact that it really light. I have a gap in my lens inventory but I sleep well.

I dont mind buying a second battery. Which is what I have always dont. I dont shoot mission critical images so I dont mind living with one card slot.

I happen to trust Nikon (and the users of the D500) when it comes to the sensor size.

So the 7500 may be a good move for me. But I'd rather wait until reviews start coming out and QA issues (if any) are ironed out.

I understand that other people may make other choices, and I dont want to kill them because they disagree with me :-))))

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