Wireless Crapbridge alternatives that leave the hotshoe free?

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Re: Wireless Crapbridge alternatives that leave the hotshoe free?

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One more question, would an eye fi card or something similar still work properly in a Crapbridge based D500?

I don't know if there is something like a D500 that is not "crapbridge (sic)" based, but if you Read page 226 of the F...riendly User Manual, or page 149 of the F...riendly Menu Guide, you will see something that mentions Eye-Fi.

See item #2

Read the F...riendly Manuals

Some cameras, some lenses, some computers

Yep! ... According to Thom Hogan's Book (guess that's my D500 Bible these days) the D500 supports all but the earlier non-X2 Eye-Fi cards. Biggest problems are highly technical set-up and Eye-Fi keeping the meter alive. Thus a huge power consumer. I'd be interested in hearing if any has tried one, and their results.

Plug for Thom's Book ... though I have not completely read the entire book (about 1000 pages) it is a treasure trove of technical information about the D500. Because it is in pdf format you have the ability to search for anything using ctrl-f (windows) and typing a word or phrase. It is well worth the $30 to anyone with a D500. Heck, we might not see any questions here if everyone had it.


At least it leaves the hotshoe free

Some cameras, some lenses, some computers

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