70-200mm F4 Portrait

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Re: 70-200mm F4 Portrait

Sunshine7913 wrote:

I see that a lot of people selling 70-200mm F4 in FB, Ebay, and more. Any ideas why?

Btw, are there any sample portrait images with 70-200mm F4 recently especially at 200mm F4?

Any lens can be used for portrait, but the 70-200 is never my first choice for portrait.

I have multiple 70-200 F4 from different manufactures as I shoot multiple systems, but they are mostly used for landscape during hiking trips, they are all small and light, really easy to hike with. I don't even use them for event, too slow, I prefer to use my 2.8 version for event shooting,

I always use fast primes for portrait, for its fast wide open aperture, meaning DOF control, even F2.8 is way too slow and I am not going to deal with a F4, more importantly, they normally have much nice bokeh which I don't find it in the slow zoom.

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