Maybe Nikon DID Get It Right With The D500...

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Carl Maiorino Senior Member • Posts: 1,909
Maybe Nikon DID Get It Right With The D500...

...It could be the mistake was with the D7000/7100/7200.

The D70 was the younger brother of the D100.

The D80 was the younger brother of the D200

The D90 was the younger brother of the D300.

The D7k series was the younger brothers of the D400.

What?  Wait a minute!!! Where was the D400?  That was the issue.  I always thought the D7000 would be replacement for the D90 to slot in under the D400 that never came.  Once Nikon realized there would be no D400, the just added specs to the D7100 and D7200, making them a short-term hybrid until a true D300 replacement came along.

Along comes the D500.  Problem now is that it is very difficult to upgrade the very capable D7200 without stepping on D500 toes.  Rather than do that, maybe Nikon finally put the D7500 where the D7k series was always meant to be, the younger brother of their flagship Dx00 APS DSLR.  When I look at the D7500, it seems to be a logical evolution from the D90, minus a grip and other "pro" features but with the the D500 sensor (like the D300/D90, the D200/D80, etc) and some other "goodies" the flagship model doesn't have.

Just an alternative $.02...

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