A6300 HELP Missing pictures

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Re: A6300 HELP Missing pictures

BBQue wrote:

stacey magee wrote:

drewp5 wrote:

good point, should still see them in windows explorer even if there gone in playmemories app. one thing too is the pc always wants to run a check and format my card and i ignore it. could be the op didnt ignor this and wiped it?

Except they are in the card. That is the oddest thing. they are there....on the disk as we can see them on the nex6...

If your camera can see them, your computer can see them. Period.

Let me ask again: what directory are you looking at? Is the directory still there and completely empty? Or is it gone too?

Morning BBQ - just to recap

1. The Camera COULD see the pics while out and about

2. When I put in the computer - could not SEE the pics - looked in the DCIM folder and there are other pictures in there from previous trips etc.  (because I did not format it - just because I forgot)

Below is info on where I looked.

Hey BB-I don't do anything to specify where to find the pictures...what I have done is just put in the SD card in computer and then look for the number that show up like DCIM/109MSDCF etc.

there are directories there from previous days.

And the DCIM shows updated today so I know pics were there...(again, I know they ARE there as they are on my friends camera). We actually just sent the pics from her camera via wifi (nex6) to my phone so I would have them.

this particular trip I am not worried about the pics so much as my upcoming trip to Alaska that is in two weeks!

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