Software advice - Nikon and Fuji - simple workflow

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Software advice - Nikon and Fuji - simple workflow

I've been a Nikon DSLR user for nearly 17 years, since the D1H. My current body is a Df, but I've recently added a Fuji X100F to my gear, and I think it will be, for the first time, a more compact 2nd camera that I actually use regularly.

I have to say something to position the advice I'm looking for.

I like digital photography - the equipment, using it, the results I get. I keep 1000 or so images a year from a couple of dozen shoots - family, friends, events, vacations

Generally, I hate imaging software.

I hate the endless variations and changes and incompatibilities and overhead of all the different options out there.

I started with Photoshop in 2001, which was too complicated and powerful for what I needed. I used various software recommended on DPR forums a long time ago -  Bibble, ACDSee, don't remember what else. I used PS Elements for a while. I started RAW, went to JPG for a year or two and then back to RAW.

My easiest and most satisfying period has been as a pure Nikon SW user, the last dozen years or more.

I shoot and save RAW, use Nikon View mainly and Nikon Capture occasionally. I'd print from NV, email JPG from NV and upload to Nikon Image Space from NV. That met absolutely every need I had in a simple and easy way. I liked that I was building a RAW archve that was simple to manage (no sidecar files) and no need to save JPGs.

I've accepted moving to Nikon View NX-i and Capture NX-D. I'm OK with the software, but I still don't like sidecar files and folders. What the hell was wrong with the brilliant way the old Capture and View saved adjustments within the raw file?

I've lost track of the endless imaging software apps that seems to come and go, I don't even understand what all the variants of Adobe products are meant to do. But now I have a Fuji X100F, that complicates matters. I could shoot Fuji JPG and do simple adjustment in Nikon View. That's "OK", not great. I've tried the Fuji Silkypix software - it's a bit slow and clunky and the whole workflow is more complicated. I used to have one Nikon Raw folder from a shoot (eg an event or vacation). Now I have 4 subfolders (Raw and JPG from each) and one whole JPG folder to get the photos in chronological order etc. Two raw software apps and two conversions, then a final tweak of a common JPG folder. Not great.

Is there a simple single App out there that can do most things I need?

- good Nikon and Fuji raw conversion (and compatibility with camera settings, eg. Fuji film simulations, Nikon picture controls)

- basic folder browser, batch printing and conversion (not those annoying apps that want to manage everything on my hard drive)

- simple PP to fix WB, crop, straighten, get tones right, occassional healing brush

Most importantly, I want a good chance that I'll still be using it 10 years from now. If you shoot occasionally, the overhead of reminding yourself how software works is painful, and I dread spending hundreds of hours on raw adjustments that will be wasted when some software becomes defunct in the future.

Sorry for the long question. I realise I have a somewhat eccentric preference not to use the 'standard' software or workflow of a serious shooter.

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