Why Nikon Went With D500 Sensor In D7500 ?

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Re: Why Nikon Went With D500 Sensor In D7500 ?

Batdude wrote:

You are contradicting yourself.

No I'm not.

Obviously that mirrorless camera is not going to be APS-C, it is going to be FF.


If Nikon made a APSC mirrorless who would want to waste their money on a D500? That would destroy D500 sales.

How? I made it pretty clear in my original post where the DSLR competes well against mirrorless.
Mark my words, Nikon will bring out an APS-C mirrorless camera in the not too distant future that will have a 24 mp sensor and be more or less to the same specification/class as the current D7200.

Their APS-C DSLRs will become sports shooters with features that mirrorless can't easily match.

The future of enthusiast APS-C is mirrorless.

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