Sensor in D7500/D500 is better than D7200?

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Re: Sensor in D7500/D500 is better than D7200?

trenzterra wrote:

bflood wrote:

If I had to make product line decisions at Nikon, I would regard the higher ISO performance of the D7200's sensor to be satisfactory and not in need of significant upgrade for its position in the DSLR lineup. So I think that Nikon changed sensors to achieve something else.

I suspect that the rest of the electronics that come with each sensor are a factor in the decision to change. Analog-to-digital conversion and bus speeds are part of the sensor's architecture, and I suspect that the 24 mp sensor's electronics are not up to achieving the 8 fps frame rate regardless of buffer size, but the 20.8 mp sensor is already capable of that rate. Or possibly the production cost of making 24 mp sensors that can run at 8 fps was simply too high.

Well I'm guessing the main reason was to enable 4K. Probably the read-out rate of the 24mp sensor wasn't fast enough--in fact they couldn't even get 60fps at 1080p without resorting to a crop mode on the D7200.

A good point. 4k may have been a strong reason, perhaps a driving reason, to switch sensors.

But the higher frame rate had to be, also - it couldn't be achieved without a significant change to the shutter mechanism with all the mechanical issues that go with a 50% faster action. The higher frame rate required more than just the sensor change, so it had to be a specific objective for the D7200 successor.

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