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Re: A6300 HELP Missing pictures

stacey magee wrote:

BBQue wrote:

stacey magee wrote:

Back home - put the disk in the computer COULD not find them at all. (I do have other files on the disk - did not format again - forgot - but this CAN'T be it - keep reading).

Assuming you mean SD card, not "disk" oh yes, that can be it! The camera creates a data base to keep track of image location and other stuff on your card. Never use the card for any other purpose than taking pictures. Never format the card on your computer. Always format card in camera. (This is also important for video, cause it determines whether your camera will record PAL mode or NTSC mode).

Traveling with a friend who has an NEX6- put my disk in her camera - COULD SEE my pictures for the day.

Not sure about this - could you see the full images or just the preview pics the camera generated automatically? But certainly there is hope.

And if this is a camera issue - does SONY really help. figure I should call them.

Probably no need to send it to Sony. Any data recovery software should be able to find it, if it is still there. Whatever you do - do NOT write to the card (or take new pictures with it) cause that might overwrite whatever is left.

On the NEX6 - we can see the whole pictures - everything just like normal.

My calling sony is to find out if something is wrong with my camera. My concern is that there is some setting or something..Or why would I be able to see it on the NEX6.

AND why could I see it while I was out and about and even reviewed them on the camera. Then as soon as I take the SD card out of the camera into the laptop then it is gone and can't see it on the A6300, the computer and the NEX6.

Thanks for the help!

To the best of my knowledge, there is no setting that would make your pictures visible on one camera, not the other. There is however a hidden database, and maybe that became corrupt.

What file directory are you trying to find your images in after you plug the card into your computer? Is the directory still there, but completely empty? Or is the directory gone too?

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