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Re: New EL-EN15a is probably just renamed En-el15 Lion20

chary zp wrote:

cosmicnode wrote:

With all the fuss about new/missing features on the new D7500 the new battery has been overlooked, perhaps this will give a better battery life with the D500 by allowing the battery to discharge the power differently, we know that when you remove a discharged battery from the D500 and put in a D800 it shows a respectable amount of charge remaining. Could it be any better?

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The Li-ion technology is only at some level, the battery is only of some physical size. The reported remaining life is calculated on available voltage and preset discharge curve. If one battery lasts only so much in one body and so much more in another one, the new one will behave the same. If you can get say 500 shots with one battery in D500 to get to 20% remaining life (say 7 volts out of 7,6 or whatever, I just made those numbers up) and then the D800 body reports 50% (the same 7 out of 7,6), the new one will very likely behave the same. The battery needs to drop to 6,5 volts for D800 to report it as 20%, but D500 will not even start up at that voltage then.

The D500 apparently needs higher available voltage for safe operation, while D800 is happy with lower voltage for the same expected remaining life.

Because a battery labelled "En-el15" doesn't always work in D500 (alias Lion01 vs Lion20 issue) and Nikon had troubles replacing them, they just (probably) renamed newly made Lion20 as "En-el15a" so that for compatibility purposes the new D7500 accepts only those. It is in the manual, remember. Then poor performance Lion01 won't legally be an issue. It is not a compatible battery, no complains, no replacements.

Ah you are saying that by changing the name from En-el15 to 15a and telling the buyer that it is the only battery that works they avoid replacing the buyers old batteries, yes I can see that.

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"I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit, it's the only way to be sure."

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