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Re: 30mm vs 45mm

Thanks for your reply.  Yes, I have already sold the NX2000, along with the kit lens, just 2 days before the 500 was stolen. Had I known, I would have held off a couple of weeks. I hope to sell the extra 16-50, so that too, will help. I think you're right . . . I will probably go for the 30mm.  I will have to price the 16-50 to see what they are going for. Thanks.

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Actually, being the novice that I am, I appreciate all comments when trying to compare 2 lens, no matter how old they are. My NX500 was stolen this week, along with attached 30mm lens . . . $1000 down the drain . . . very hard to accept. I have ordered a new NX500 (can't seem to live without it) and am trying to decide whether to replace the 30mm or get a 45mm. The 30mm was only a month old and I had very little time/weather to test it out. I also have the 60mm, 20-50mm, Samyang 12 MM, and now, of course, I will have 2 16-50s, so I am trying to decide what to do.

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you just replied to a 2 year old post. Why not just create a new post?

Has the difference between the 30mm lens and the 45mm one changed throughout these 2 years?

If I had to choose only one out of those 2 lenses I would choose the 30mm purely as it's more versatile. It's such a sharp lens and can be used equally well indoors as well as outdoors, whereas the 45mm is more restrictive given the focal length.

Can you make some money selling one of the 16-50s and perhaps also the 20-50 (you only need one kit zoom don't you?) and then get both? ☺

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