Canon 7D2 AF is not that complicated

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Re: Canon 7D2 AF is not that complicated

TheBlackGrouse wrote:

Zee Char wrote:

TheBlackGrouse wrote:

David Naylor wrote:

They should have called them "presets", not cases. That would have made their function clearer – I think?

Good one, but still the settings are contra-intuitive.

For instance, take tracking sensitivity. Many photographers want a sensitive tracking system and put it at maximum level....

Video #6. Start at minute 3:40

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Yes, he's quite right. I find my 7DII too nervous with acceleration and point switching at 2, so I set them at 1. Tracking sensitivity is at -1.

Possibly there is some copy variation in responsiveness. Others definitely need a tracking sensitivity of -2. When there are a lot of larger obstacles I do the same.

For birding TS is at -2 almost all of the time but I often recommend Case 2 and 4 pt expansion for people enquiring when starting out.

Also he says in that video and in a blog that expansion AF modes do nothing in cases 5 and 6. Canon says they do which I have to back but I agree with Art as they do nothing for me. Even if the centre point loses contrast and an outer point picks it up I have to be just as diligent in tracking. With TS in a negative setting I can go completely off the target with all AF points and it will give me a chance  to re-acquire before refocusing on something else.

I don't do well around here with that one but each to his own. Maybe my explanation is not very good. Long ago I decided that I would only use zone AF when in Cases 5 and 6. AF switching just make more sense to me when there are more AF points available. Besides if you are using expansion and the centre point (which is your primary and you want to work with) has enough contrast and on target I don't think the outer points are doing anything.

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