Why Nikon Went With D500 Sensor In D7500 ?

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Why not use a new sensor if you have it?

chrisD46 wrote:

As the title states - why did Nikon go with the D500 sensor in the D7500 ? It's not so much the drop in megapixels but the performance of the D500 sensor itself in all but high ISO situations that is an initial concern . From ISO 100 to 3200 , the D7200 image IQ looks slightly better to me than the D500 - and that is the range 98% of all my pictures will be taken . *All I can hope for is Nikon has some new hardware / software tweaks with the D500 sensor in the D7500 that we are unaware of as of today ... Your thoughts ?

The new 21MP unit seems to have cleaner shadows and better high Iso performance, seems easy enough to recommend.  Resolution difference is theoretically at the perceptible level, but only for those with good capture and post process technique.

Combined with what is easily the second best tracking AF available today, a deep buffer and fast frame rate, for anyone shooting for action, or telephoto reach, or both on a budget, it's hard to recommend anything else, frankly.

The D7200 is also a pretty nice budget option, and as far as I can tell still available new from Nikon for the foreseeable future, so now you have two options depending on your use.

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