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kidcruz wrote:

Thanks. I'll check that sub-forum out.

Those pics look awesome. I don't think I have seen a sony nex option for m43.

Where did you buy the zhongyi speedbooster from?

eBay, got the simple adapter rings there too. Most eBay stores that sell one type of adapter ring will carry others. Got all of mine at one place, I'd tell you where but the seller is no longer registered with Ebay.

small note: Speedbooster is a registered trademark and should not be associated with other focal reducers.

I have been looking around online, but unsure of a reputable place to get them from....plus somewhere that are willing to mark the item as a gift so i don't get stung on import and duty tax.

Compared to the price of a Speedbooster, I was willing to take the risk of Ebay, which really isn't much of a risk.

As for import and duty taxes, such is the price one pays for being a citizen.

Apart from the minolta md lenses, do you know what other options would be available, that would allow me to use the simple stepper rings with the speed booster, so I can use other lenses?

Theres are the available options:

Canon EF – M43
Nikon G – M43
Canon FD – M43
M42 – M43

Check the flange distances:


I chose a lens turbo focal reducer in Canon EOS to Sony E as Canon EF has one of the shorter flange distances combined with a many simple thin ring adapters that convert to Canon EOS.

You can adapt a long flange lens to a shorter flange mount with a the ring which acts as a spacer to make up the difference required by the lens.

Nikon for example has the largest flange distance of the above options. Which is why you can't adapt many other types of lenses to a Nikon camera without using an adapter with a glass element. But a thin adapter will let you mount a Nikon lens on any camera system with a shorter flange distance.

Of the above options, Canon FD has the shortest flange. Which in theory makes it the best.


It's very difficult to find adapter rings to mount most lenses to Canon FD.

So I went with Canon EOS.

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