D7500 Announcement means?

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Want DX .. Buy others

Oh sure both the D7500 and D500 are quite performing but only when checking against Nikons own predecessor; sorry Nikon you just have not keep up and you have handicapped yourself but placing unnecessary restriction on both machines

Lack of any real performing DX LENS is also critical to my conclusion.

The abysmal 4K implementation is not excusable. The ditching of the important 2nd card slot in the D7500 is a soory affair.

Fujifilm, Sony, and even Pentax and Sigma offers. The D500 is too much oriented to a niche group and yet the D7500 do not fill thr gap. If I am dedicated sport and wildlife photographer I might be interested in the D500 but then I would still find myself wanting in the coverage and Video department . And the D7500. Well might be if Nikon do not batch it the D7500 and instead batch it D6500 indtead but then I suppose Nikon cannot price it that the way then.

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