D500 Shutter Life

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Nothing happens

ShutterDude wrote:

The D500 shutter life is rated at 200,000 - what happens after that? Can it be replaced?

With the 10fps and the huge buffer, my finger seems to be glued to the shutter button especially in CH mode. Now, I"m thinking maybe I should ease up on it for the fear of prematurely wearing down the shutter. But that's probably silly, as 200,000 is a lot of images...however, with the 10fps, it just seems like reaching that number is sooner than later.

Nothing happens at 200K.  The shutter is simply tested to a minimum 200K.  Plenty of people will go double that or far more before failure.  Shutter replacement cost usually isn't too bad, probably in the $300 range based on other cameras.

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