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I’m new to Capture One 10 for Sony, and have a question about the Lens Correction tool (I’m coming over from Lightroom).

Capture One automatically selects my lens, and ticks/applies “chromatic aberration” and “hide distorted areas” with all else set to “0%”. Does this mean that although the profile for my lens was automatically selected and correcting for chromatic aberration, it has not applied correction to distortion, sharpness falloff or light fall off? To do so I would need to adjust these three to 100%? In fact they go up to 120%, whatever that means? The help file doesn’t answer that question.

Also, whilst I’m here, can I ask about sharpening and noise reduction. I’ve noticed the noise reduction slider for luminance, detail, and colour are always at 50. Is this an automatic correction and nothing else needs to be done? Same for sharpening, the amount is always 160, radius 1, threshold 1.

I’ve tried watching the tutorial videos and webinars and can’t find the answers to my questions.


You can set these values to your taste and then save them as a preset or default (upper right corner of the tool). While you can set a default for sharpening and noise reduction, you can't do that for the lens profile. It's because there is a different handling of that tool with different lenses. I'm using self made presets that I choose on import.

the following sets I have for my Sony a7RII:

noise reduction (low ISO): 0% // 100% // 0%
noise reduction (high ISO): 75% // 50% // 50%
sharpening (low ISO): 120 / 0.8 / 1 / 0
sharpening (high ISO): 200 / 1.6 / 1 / 50

all about lens correction, read here:

Thanks for the info. Your values for NR and sharpening will be saved by me. I'm still uncertain as to why distortion is set to 0% for my lens even though Capture One has a profile for it, and what that actually means. i.e does that mean no distortion correction is applied, and that i could raise it to 100% if i want all the distortion removed (even if there isn't much), or does 0% mean all the distortion is removed automatically but i can apply an extra 100% if i want. The link you supplied doesn't explain that either, lol.

They default to zero because it's possible some correction was handled in camera.  For instance if you have Shading Comp set to Auto in camera you want Light Fallout set to 0% otherwise you'll double correct as the raw was already fixed by the camera.

The other settings are not supposed to affect raw but I haven't tested them.  I just leave all camera lens corrections turned off and do it in post (meaning I set those values to 100⅝ in capture one).

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