Focusing Screen Gold Mounts/Frames

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Re: Focusing Screen Gold Mounts/Frames

I appreciate it.

I guess I will have to send it to the Nikon lab and admit I messed with the focus screen and the brackets. "Washers" as you call them. My grandma would have called it "Tuition Fee"

mostlylost wrote:

I have never done this particular repair so have no first hand knowledge. However, relying strictly on previously published information, I believe the parts to which you are referring are actually shims used to adjust focus through the viewfinder. Nikon produced them in various thicknesses and calls them "washers".

If you are in the USA I suspect you will end up sending the camera to a Nikon service center, as Nikon USA does not sell parts to unauthorized camera repair businesses. They have a few odds and ends on their website, but finding something this technical will likely be a challenge.

If you don't live in the USA, you can simply order the items from Nikon in your country.

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