"Should I wait for 6DII" Threads...

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Re: "Should I wait for 6DII" Threads...

1Dx4me wrote:

landscaper1 wrote:

I repeat my previously (in another thread) assertion ... even if it rankles some people:

Only a fool postpones a camera purchase to wait for a camera that hasn't even been announced as yet.

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i wouldn't agree with your assertion, i want to purchase a 5Dsr right now but i rather wait for 5Dsr II (if there is such thing) because of the correction of some of shortcoming of the existing model, such as noise and DR not being close to satisfaction! i can't speak for others but i can use my existing camera not feeling desperate and compelled to settle for 5Dsr! so, i guess people are in different situation, knowing that they have one shot whether they should buy the existing model (and get stuck with older technology for a long time) or wait for the newer one. i can understand one can lose many opportunities waiting for the newer model so it is a tough decision to make!!!!

"i rather wait for 5Dsr II (if there is such thing) ..." And what if there isn't???

In any case, it's been my observation the improvements in sensor performance between consecutive versions of the same Canon model tend to be incremental (meaning "minor") rather than significant.  So, while you're waiting (Lord only knows for how long) for the 5DSr II, I'll be enjoying the 5DSr I already have and compensating, when necessary, for any DR issues by using HDR compensation in post processing.

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