Nikon 32mm F1.2 vs Olympus 45mm F1.8

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Re: Nikon 32mm F1.2 vs Olympus 45mm F1.8

Drplusplus wrote:

IVN wrote:

You can view all of the pictures in my flickr set and you can read my in depth comparison of the two lenses on my blog.

Thanks for this test and for providing the images on your blog. I looked at two of the images using the same exposure (instead of same DOF) via FastStone. In both cases I prefer the image on the left, which is with the 32. I suspect that nanocoating is the difference here.

It's not the nanocoating, but the fact that you are stopping down more with the 32mm.

Both at f/2

Also note that in those images, that it was windy and that the shutter speed was rather slow (around 1/100s at f4). The images that I have taken in the woods are only usable for comparing DOF. They are not useful for comparing sharpness.

Both at f/4

I also looked at your full resolution m43 versus downsized versus V1; there is very little difference, but if anything the downsizing has increased the contrast of the 45 result a bit.

Any chance you might provide NEF and ORF of these two images for comparison?

These were shot handheld, with no regard for sharpness. I only wanted to see which one has a higher tendency for CA/purple fringing.

Only the following series are useful for comparing sharpness:

These were shot on a tripod and shutter speeds are short enough to make motion blur a non-issue.

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