Canon EF 75-300 or 70-300mm

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i have a T6i and wondering if it's worth spending the extra on a 70-300mm or just get a 75-300mm? I don't know if this will be a lens I use a lot? I'm looking at a used lens and the 70-300 is almost double in $$ over the 75-300mm. Any advice for this newbie? Thank you

There is a very good reason why the 70-300 costs double what the 75-300 does... Quality vs. Crap. Plain and simple. The 75-300 is among the worst lenses I have ever used, and even stopped down, that thing is still a dog. The 70-300 uses much better optics, has IS, and is closer to the more expensive L lenses for build and sharpness.

That, and the 75-300 has not been updated for AGES. It was already a very mediocre lens to begin with, and the optical formula has not been updated for over 13 years. A lot has changed since it was introduced.

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