ZEISS Batis 2.8/135 APO [ $1,999.00 ] is officially announced...

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Re: Get used to it, this is what FE teles will cost

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Retarded price.

I couldn't agree more. This really has me scratching my head and has taken all the wind out of my sails. I own Minolta's MD and Canon's FDn 135mm f/2.8, that I have used over the last 5 years on my NEX-7 and A7RII, and I love them both. I have been banging the native (AF) 135mm drum for the last 2-3 years, and they finally answered with this ridiculous price point. I would have expected this price for a f/2.0 or f/1.8 GM lens, NOT a f/2.8 Batis.

Why not just buy another lens if this weather-sealed apo-tele is too expensive for you? Or too slow at f:2.8?

I am surprised by people who expect Zeiss lenses to be cheap!

I never expect it to be cheap, but just not outrageously overpriced especially it's only a f2.8.

It's impossible to say the lens is overpriced because there is nothing to judge the price by. There aren't any other AF 135 lenses in E-mount, whether apochromatic or with OSS or not. There aren't even any FE tele primes - not proper teles - this is the first one. Believe me, when they come, fast or slow, they are all going to cost at least this much.

It's also interesting that you seem to think the only thing that can affect the price of a lens is it's speed. A bit like assuming that vintage wine should only cost more than wine from a petrol station if it comes in a larger capacity bottle.

Zeiss lenses use better quality glass and materials than Sigma lenses and are made to higher standards. The question is not whether that is the case - it is undoubtedly the case - the question is whether that makes them better lenses for general photography, which does not require the highest standards of optical polishing and purity of glass anyway.

Another thing to consider is the actual T-stop of the lens. The Sigma 135/1.8 is very unlikely to have a T-stop of f1.8 - the Canon 135/2L is f2.3 for example. The Batis lenses have T-stops that match their maximum aperture according to DXOmark.

Do you own a crystal ball?

No. I'm a time traveller.

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