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Hi there all,

a friend of mine asked to rent the d750 to record video of a series of talks in a neighborhood event. I would like to give him the camera, especially that this is a an event for good reason.

I got scared though since I never never used this camera for video, especially that there will be some voice content (that are important). I know that they will connect an external mic, but apart from giving him the camera as that, what will you suggest me to put in the video settings before I give him the camera?

Thanks a lot


On my D750, here's what I do for video. Will depend on your friends' expertise. But here are some ideas FWIW:

  • M ("M" mode)
  • 1080p60 - Expect no less than 1/60 shutter speed; or if you need more light, do 1080p30 with a longer shutter speed.
  • Appropriate aperture. Don't need maximum sharpness--this is essentially a series of 2-megapixel images.
  • Auto ISO, no cap
  • Depending on the lighting situation, I'd typically have a moderately upped exposure compensation (of course, with the appropriate metering mode).
  • Custom picture control. Or use "Flat". This could help quite a bit in maximizing IQ, since bitrate & dynamic range is limited in video mode.
  • Higher-than-still noise reduction. The more, the better--again due to limited bitrate.
  • Tripod. Reduce rolling shutter and (again) maximize bitrate (limit required motion capture).
  • Custom white balance.
  • Back-button AF
  • Live-view histogram
  • Appropriate autofocus mode. Face-priority AF

There are probably some others, but that's the ones I can think of off the top of my head

"Auto ISO, no cap"

As far as I know, you are not able to use AutoIso when using "M". The camera will automatically change to manual ISO setting, if AutoIso is set.

In "A", "S" and AutoIso is always set.

Not correct.  I use it all the time.  The D750 allows auto-ISO in mode "M".

Here is a clip from the D750 manual:

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