Next camera: torn between x100f and sony a6500

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Re: Next camera: torn between x100f and sony a6500

Brian Platt wrote:

I'm looking for a walking-around, street photography camera. My workhorse is a Canon 1Dx with a slate of lenses, but it's a beast. It's too huge to take with me on trips, and it's too heavy even to want to take with me around town. I want something light and easy to carry, something that takes great shots, with a nice, sharp prime as my standard/only lens.

My last attempt, which I never really loved, was a Sony NEX-5. I bought it with the Zeiss 24/1.8 lens, and in spite of the lens being great, I pretty much hated everthing about the NEX-5 (except the photos). The interface was awful, and I never warmed up to using it for anything that mattered. Never traveled with it (and for in-town defaulted to the 1Dx + 24-70/f2.8).

Before I returned to Fuji and was still using my Olympus and Panasonic gear, I got this bug to buy the A6000 with the three Sigma primes. I had two of those primes in M43 mount, liked them, and thought the three would make a perfect kit. Plus I prefer rangefinder style bodies. I went to my local Best Buy, where they had the A6000 on display, half a dozen times to play with the camera before I made a final decision. Two things stopped me from getting the A6000; the body which felt cheaply made and the terrible menu system. The A6300 didn't improve on either and I understand it was short lived because of users complaining about several problems including overheating. I also understand that Sony's solution to all the user complaints was to quickly bring out the A6500 instead of doing anything for the A6300 owners.

You might want to think about everything you disliked about the NEX-5 and see if those issues still exist. Why buy another camera you won't like or use just for one lens.

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