ZEISS Batis 2.8/135 APO [ $1,999.00 ] is officially announced...

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Re: Zeiss violate me with their expensive lenses ...

It is not a matter if it is too expensive for someones budget or not worth the price for those who can afford it. Everyone has different need and reasons for buying something and that is their prerogative.

Some people like myself can afford it and glad it is on the market but I am not going to pay that much because I do not want to have it and that is my choice. I don't think I would use a 135mm, I have a 70-300 & 70-200 GM and think a 135 limits me to a certain distance for portraits and too far away at that. I believe my 100STF will be a much better portrait lens or my 85GM I like to use me 50 1.4 ZA also with a little more DOF.

I still stand by my comments that the 135 FL demand is weak and it is a niche lens for most people. Sony's has brought 12 high end FF e-mount lens to market with the 16-35 GM and 100-400mm coming next so even if they chose to make a 135 GM it would be the fifteen FL they picked and that is if they do not do a UWA prime or other next. They build lenses based on customer feedback and demand.

We would like to see a 300 or 400 prime and and maybe a zoom to 600mm but as they just said in the interview Canon and others have the long end covered for now. They will do it but only when all else is covered. Why would they even spend the money on a 135 at the moment other than to solidify there ranks with the pros?

I do tire of seeing negative posts insinuating things about others and attempting to read others minds. It is a forum and there is no place for criticizing others, we all love photography so peace out everyone.

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