Success with Eye AF on A7ii?

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Re: Center AF results

blue_skies wrote:

susan2012 wrote:

Here are the results I got using Center AF pointed at the head prior to reframing for shot. Please forgive the poor composition, they were just test shots.

Do you feel this photo is truly in focus? I thought the face is a bit blurry. I'll try wide focus next time, but I'm still not entirely clear what approach what be inherently more likely to get good results on the face than Center with recompose for final shot.

Start off with higher ISO and faster SS.

The focus in this image seems fine, the blurriness is either caused by camera shake (yes, even with IS, it takes practice), or possibly rocking back and forth with your upper body (google breathing techniques).

I don't think that this an AF/DOF issue, but rather a practice-skill issue.

Exactly what I thought looking at the photo as well. It's a slight amount of camera shake, not to do with the focus being off. If it was focus, you'd expect the ground to come in to focus at some point in the pic (either closer, or further away) and it doesn't.

Look up handholding techniques as well, ensure you have correct hand placement, arms are braced to your body, camera is firm against your eye, etc. And as another mentioned, breathing techniques (exhale first, shoot in between heartbeats). With dual-IS you shouldn't have to be crazy about it, but increase your SS to 1/160 or so as a start when shooting with this lens and go from there.

A general rule is 1/focal length, which in your case would be 1/85. You are pretty close with 1/80 and with correct technique you should be fine down to 1/40 or lower with IS, but start with a faster speed and work on your technique to lower it from there. I personally shake a bit in my hands and find it difficult to get good sharp images with tele lenses at less than 1/(2*FL) without IS or something to brace against.

Check out the article below.

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