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yes this entire thread went wild. Yes I did try a couple of camera out. Fz300k, Fz80 and about 6monthago the Lx100.

i did ask people always for opinions. The Fx300 & Fx80 were not comfortable in my hands. Actually I reviewed a few pics for on the Fx300 and they were great. Wish it more comfortable. Someone mention going in a store and see what feels good. I did that and the canonsx720 felt good. I wanted a Panasonic so badly because I did have the FZ150 and loved it. You can even look at my gallery. Unfortunately it broke about 3 mo nths ago. Well I figured I'd give the canon a try.

what got to me is when people said the saga continues. Although I asked many questions through out this thread someone said this. Not word by word but you can read the thread. They said someone as all the knowledge talking about me so they don't have to ask questions. To me that is a very sarcastic remark.

with that I miss my FZ150 badly. My daughter said she wanted a camera so I turned the Canon sx720 over to her as a Birthday gift.

Panasonic is my favorite but for now I am putting a hold for awhile.

Best Wishes to everyone and enjoy you're cameras.

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Flat view
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