X-S1 compared to dSLR at Busch Gardens

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Re: X-S1 compared to dSLR at Busch Gardens

Very nicely done. I've done a number of trips to the Zoo (and African Lion Safari) with my SL1000 (pretty similar to the S1) or my Fuji X cameras (currently X-E2). Perhaps Busch Gardens is set up to make it easier to get good shots but I know that I haven't been able to get as many good shots as you managed to get. Good work on your part.

At the size of the images on your site, the differences aren't all that noticeable but at full size or more, the difference in IQ would probably be more apparent. For a long shot like this one, my SL1000 does a pretty adequate job. Once I get in close where the fine details are more apparent (like this ), the higher IQ of the X-E2 gives it a big advantage. The SL1000 stays in the bag more often now and I generally take the X-E2 and the 50-230 lens with me on trips to the zoo.

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