D500 fails to turn off and is unresponsive

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Re: D500 fails to turn off and is unresponsive

Hi Zack:  Did you report to Nikon as well that you experienced the same issue of the fact that the D500 did not power off?  I know you returned it for the battery issue, so maybe worthwhile to amend to the service ticket if you haven't already.

The D500 is over a year now, and let's hope there aren't any more hidden issues or surprises.

Zack C wrote:

I've had this happen twice with my D500, which has recently been sent in to Nikon for a battery drain issue I might add, but I also noted the "fails to power off" issue I've experienced twice in the past 11 months, as well as the constant card errors during playback). When mine failed to turn off I ended up having to remove the battery, reinsert it, and that seemed to fix the problem. More and more issues keep popping up with this camera, definitely feels like Nikon rushed the release of this body without ironing out all the bugs.

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