Ricoh GRII long term review & final thoughts

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Thanks for your review Harold

Harold, your review is very useful.

I also prefer reasoned written reviews based on longer term use and dont watch videos.  In fact I wonder how others can find the time to watch videos at all - especially when so many take so long to get to the point.  I suspect it is symtomatic of a society that is reading less and less (because it hurts?).  I find the general level of video "instruction" so basically pitched low-level that I no longer bother to try and watch them unless truly desperate.

Meanwhile whilst we are talking "front wheels".  Over the GRD/GR model years the front wheel has gradually disappeared into the top front plate.  On the GR model it is still useable but not nearly as good as the raised nature of the wheel on the GXR model which sits slightly "proud" of the top plate and is much easier to use.  I believe that wheels with serrations should be used with finger tips on the flats of the wheel rather than on the edges of the wheel.  Small matter of ergononic inexactitude for a brand that for a company that has prided itself on superior human interfaces.

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Tom Caldwell

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