*** Mini Challenge 515 - That Human Touch ***

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*** Mini Challenge 515 - That Human Touch ***

Thanks to brightcolours for selecting my photo in the last challenge!

For the next challenge, I have selected an idea that has been rattling around in my head for a while now - to take a bit of creative license with the old Bruce Springsteen Song - "Just a little of That Human Touch".

I'm looking for photos that contain, but do not feature, humans.  Maybe a shot of a building with a crowd of pedestrians, or a point of interest with tourists checking out the view, or a bird/animal in a hand - as long as the main subject is not the person or people.  I don't shoot a lot of street photography, so I'm hoping to see creative ways I can use to include a crowd or single person (or even a part of a person) in a photo.

Thanks for the opportunity to host this challenge, and good luck to all entrants!

This challenge will close at midnight GMT (7pm Central) on Wednesday, April 12, 2017.

Challenge Rules

The host gives you a topic and you post up to three images that fit. Any picture you have taken is eligible regardless of time taken or camera.

The host chooses the winners and honourable mentions, and posts those in a new thread. The host's decision is final. Remember, it's all about fun, sharing, and learning.

The winner of this challenge then hosts the next challenge, judges the winner of that one, and so on it goes. The winner of this challenge will have 48 hours to post the next challenge. If that doesn't happen, 2nd place will have 24 hours to do so, then it's up to 3rd place.

Submission Posting Guidelines

Post each one of your three submissions in its own reply to this post. Give each post a unique Subject, like, "HCB - Derriere la Gare Saint-Lazare", "HCB - Boy With Wine Bottles", and "HCB - Mexican Ladies".

It's best to embed an image in it's post rather than linking to somewhere else (you'll get more views that way). If you want people to give you constructive comments and criticism, ask for C&C.

Feel free to post photos "for exhibition only" if you want to share more than three or won't be available to host the next challenge, just let us know that in your posts.

Size your images to no bigger than around 1,500 pixels wide or 1,000 pixels tall, so those with smaller monitors can see your image at full resolution. Use a reasonable amount of JPEG compression to limit the file size of your entries so we conserve bandwidth.

You can do all the post-processing you want, but try to preserve the EXIF so we can see which camera, lens, and settings were used. If you know the EXIF won't come with the image, let us know that kind of stuff in the text of your post.

Comment Posting Guidelines

Feel free to post comments on the images. If you want to save bandwidth, remove the image from your reply so you just post text.

If you would give someone else's submission a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place, click on the green "Like?" thumb on the top right of the post, so we know which images were most popular. The host will make up their own mind which images best fit their topic without being influenced by that.

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