ZEISS Batis 2.8/135 APO [ $1,999.00 ] is officially announced...

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Re: Who is it for then ? ...

Jokica wrote:

Read here.

Who is the targeted buyer for this lens?

Journalist/documentaries or sports?

For the pricing, studio users are better off with the Samyang/Rokinon 135 f/2.0, or one of the 135/1.8 lenses out there. The Samyang/Rokinon lens costs only $445!

Reading Victor's article, I am getting the impression that this lens, as good as it is (and perhaps will be the sharpest FE lens for a while), has so-so bokeh (compared to the f/2.0 lenses), is aperture limited (anyone using a f/2.0 gains a stop on you), is range limited (there are f/2.8 zoom lenses), and is imho is priced to cost and not value, ie. it is not priced to stir up high demand.

The FE70200GM f/2.8 lens may be bulkier, and has over twice the weight, and costs ony $600 more than the B135, while also including OSS. At these price levels, that is becoming a wash. And with a 70mm to 200mm range, the zoom lens offers a lot more.

The B85 + B135 together still do weigh less (1,1kg vs 1.4kg), but already cost more than the FE70200GM.

For the announced price, I would rather upgrade an A7ii to an A7rII (at current discounts) and crop a B85/1.8 down to the B135/2.8 (about APS-C view). Or simpler, using the B85 in APS-C view on the A7rII could challenge using a B135 on the A7ii.

And using a B135 on the A7rII would lose out, imho, against the FE70200GM on the A7rII.

Perhaps the B135 will become legendary, and perhaps this pricing heralds the things to come (higher prices), but I see the price as a big negative.

The B18 was already priced 'excessively', but it offered a unique lens with little competition. In fact, it was priced 'competitively' against e.g. the FE1635Z and Loxia 21 (which is also Zeiss).

Which lens is the B135 actually competing against? Sony's A135/1.8 is priced at $1,800, and the FE70200GM costs less than the A70200GMii. I'd expect the (rumored) FE135/1.8 to come out as a FE135GM around $1,800 (but could be wrong).

Or, in alternatives, the price of the B135 is close to that of a FE90M + FE100STF/GM, if purchased during Sony's rebate cycles. The FE90M + FE100STF combo will give you macro, bokeh, versatility, high IQ, and specialty lenses.

Now, had the B135 been a f/2.0 lens ...

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