Speaking of firmware updates... The fujifilm app

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Speaking of firmware updates... The fujifilm app

We often have ideas for Fuji to make better or increase usability of our cameras via firmware updates. I was using the Fuji app to control my camera remotely and though it's quite well done, I think there is room for a lot of improvement regarding UX. I'd like to see some ideas which would improve the experience from users here. I use iOS (iPhone and/or iPad) so I don't know how the android version works.

My list of items are:

  • Allow for fujifilm network connection from within the app to make it a one-step process to establish connection. (not sure if this is a 2-step process due to Apple regulations)
  • Pinch to zoom for critical focus and perhaps even show focus-peaking while zoomed in if it's not deemed overkill.
  • Allow for auto-focus settings to be changed within the app that override in-camera settings for duration of connection. (Turn on/off face and eye detection etc.)
  • Allow for exposure metering (centre-weighted, average, etc) to be changed within the app that override in-camera settings for the duration of the connection and provide an exposure meter on-screen.
  • Allow for setting changes by tapping icons around the "viewfinder" instead of going through the menu. (raw/jpeg, memory card slot, film simulation, metering, shutter speed etc.)
  • Did anyone notice the iso scale starts with the auto settings and then works it's way from the highest values to the lowest? It's counter-intuitive and should start from base to highest IMO.
  • Allow capability to delete undesired photos within the app instead of having to break connection, delete photos, then re-establishing connection via the annoying 2-step process. (This happened when I ran out of space on my card and wasn't done shooting yet)
  • Allow to shoot in B mode and allow to shoot for longer than 30 seconds in T mode. Maybe this can be allowed conditionally if the phone or tablet is plugged into a power source and the camera calculates it has sufficient battery power or it itself is also plugged into an external power source to ensure shot can be made without one of the two losing power. (maybe this would be a ridiculously complicated setup for such a feature?)

Would love to hear some ideas, please share your thoughts!

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