Voigtlander 10mm or 12mm?

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Re: Voigtlander 10mm or 12mm?

Neurad1 wrote:

Tubbycub wrote:

Has anyone here had much experience with both of these lenses?

Voigtlander 10mm or 12mm

I'm looking at purchasing a Voigtlander (My first manual lens).

For architecture and nature shots.

Look forward to hearing some feedback. I've read the 10mm can be quite challenging.


I have owned both. I purchased the 10mm FE mount first. It has pretty abysmally soft corners. Really disappointing. I tried hard to ensure that this was not due to user error but could not ever get the corners to appear sharp....focusing differently, stopping down, etc.

I returned it and later purchased the 12 mm FE mount. I have been delighted with it.  I don't have to struggle to get images that are very sharp, even in the corners. But as you probably already know, it is tricky to shoot well with a lens this wide. I'm still learning.... and waiting for the new Laowa 15mm...

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