Voigtlander 10mm or 12mm?

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Re: Voigtlander 10mm or 12mm?

gwenhael appere wrote:

If you havn't had any experience with this kind of lenses, i'd suggest to buy the 12mm. It's plenty wide enough. The difficulty with these very wide lenses is not the lack of AF (that's an easy thing to adjust), but it's the fact that any small movement you make any any direction will change greatly what you photograph. So the wider you go, the harder it is to frame properly and keep the scenery "natural".

Whichever way you go, you're making a goof choice. Voigtlanlder lenses are well built and produce great results (I own a 15mm f4.5 which is also a fantastic lens).

Tubbycub wrote:

Has anyone here had much experience with both of these lenses?

Voigtlander 10mm or 12mm

I'm looking at purchasing a Voigtlander (My first manual lens).

For architecture and nature shots.

Look forward to hearing some feedback. I've read the 10mm can be quite challenging.


Thank you and VERY valid!

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