Ricoh GRii vs X100T?

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serious reviews say otherwise

Andrew Mitchell wrote:

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Andrew Mitchell wrote:

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Why "Ricoh GRii vs X100T?" and not "Ricoh GRii vs X70?"

Is there a debate like this? I'd figure, GR wins over the X70 all day long...

Many debates on many sites. Both cameras have their plusses and minuses. I don't think many people would agree with such a generalized statement as ".... wins over the X70 all day long"

I generally agree . That being said. Outside the tilting LCD the X70 does not have many pluses over the GR

... in your opinion!

In my humble opinion, the stunning SOOC jpegs,

The GR jpegs sooc main drawback for some is that the colors are not as "punchy" than the jpegs from Fuji or Olympus. on the GRII this drawback ( which is not always a drawback) can be compensated by using the "vibrant" filter for color jpegs sooc. Even better, the intensity of this filter can be adjusted and tailored to your needs. I , therefore, do not consider an issue at least not a deal breaking one

far superior high ISO performance, and much better/faster focussing (even in almost zero light) are 3 very serious plusses that I considered before buying it.

The problem is that serious reviews comparing both cameras do not support your claim of " FAR superior" and much better AF

Both are very good reviews and they do not reach the same conclusions . I think I ll go with the opinion of reviewers who have actually tested both cameras


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