Third party batteries for Canon 600d?

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Re: Third party batteries for Canon 600d?

Scoogs wrote:

Labmom60 wrote:

Scoogs wrote:

Wasabi and Sterlingtek are both good third party battery brands.

You do not need another charger for them unless you want to charge more than one at a time.

I have the Wasabi batteries and I can't get them to charge in my canon charger

That seems really strange.

I'll have to take a look and double check what we have at work. (everything that I personally own is Sterlingtek)

I charge my Wasabi batteries in the Wasabi charger that's provided, and I charge my Canon batteries in my Canon charger. So far I have had no problems. It seems as though I have read some threads that have said it is not a good idea to swap chargers due to charging problems. My two chargers do have different pin configurations, so that could be causing the problems people have mentioned.

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