Fuji film X-10 - file / image sizes

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Re: Fujifilm X-10 - image size

Ron Zamir wrote:

Here is reply from Phase One - Capture One

On further research with our team today we found the issue is not actually our software.

So there is a bit of false marketing happening here with Fuji.

The raw file which is Captured is actually the Dimentions that you send me and then other software upscale this to the 4000 x 3000 size.

In other words, Phase One - Capture One did not complete its research (if, in fact, it ever began any research), but decided to point fingers instead.

So there is a bit of false intelligence happening here.  And the deficiency is not Fujifilm’s.

And whoever writes the guilty party’s emails really ought to learn how to spell “dimension” and the rules of capitalization in English (probably not the writer’s native language).

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