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JT26 wrote:

Thanks again JT the modern 90 cron seems like a fantastic performer and a pretty reasonable bargain. The only lenses I need to decide on now are the 135mm and 180mm models. I haven't been able to find a whole lot of details about the 135mm elmarit m the size and weight doesn't seem to be popular for rangefinder users. I had the chance to play around with a friend's leica r summicron and elmarit collection a few days ago and most of the focus rings felt incredibly smooth and precise, but too hard to push quick enough for my work. I didn't really get the time to sit down with the 135mm to see if that would meet my needs. It sounds like certain leica r 180mm models aren't known for great performance, but I would still like to know as much as I can about the response of any of these lenses.

Also I can't see the name of the poster at the moment typing in this little window on my phone, but the 75 cron does sound interesting, though I'm still researching the 75 lux model which I've heard endless praise for. I'll definitely keep the cron in mind.

If you are using this all on the Sony, then forget the Elmarits as I am 95% sure you cannot take off the goggles and it becomes a rather large and needless setup. I have literally just purchased a 135mm 3.4 APO from London for £1300, its in near perfect condition too, so rather excited about that.

180mm 3.4 would probably again be the lens to buy, compact and apparently its amazingly sharp. Built for landscapes I believe... Unsure about the other 180's but the 180 3.4 Apo is regarded as one of the greatest lenses of that FL. Jim Kasson who regularly posts in the Sony forums has one and praises it.

For me, the most desirable lens of the entire leica collection is the 75 summilux. I had the chace to buy a mint boxed one for £2800 with a late serial number. Now that goes for 4k easily. My advice is that if you want one of these, hunt around big time as the fluctuation in price is huge. Some sellers dont seem to know what they have...

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To best of my knowledge 180/3.4 was built originally for US military and subsequently released for commercial production. I bought it used for like $CDN 1300 and it is amazingly sharp!!!

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