Issues with A7R II High ISO performance

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Re: Exposure and post processing

Tubbycub wrote:

NikonJ wrote:

... Then look at pictures that are scaled to the same size.

In my experience, failure to do the above is the most common reason people believe 'X' 16-24 MP camera is better at high ISO than 'X' 30-50 MP camera. if the images are not resized it is like looking at the smaller one with the naked eye and the larger one under a magnifying glass.

One of the reasons I bought an a7rii is has in my experience now the best balanced FX sensor out there. Slightly edged out maybe by the best at low ISO in dynamic range, and maybe not quite the high ISO beast of the best FX cameras - but if you shoot both regularly, it compromises exactly where you want it.

I regularly shoot 10000 ISO on it and even once you clean up some of the noise, the remaining detail is incredible at that level.

I don't know which is funnier the idea that the a6000 has better high ISO or the 5dmk2. The 5dmk2 was terrible at high ISO, I know I shot it. God forbid you underexposed even a stop above 1600 ISO, the colours completely fell apart, shadow detail retention was abysmal and at slightly higher ISO if you had to increase exposure the banding was terrible. It's this camera that had me dump all my Canon gear for Nikon permenantly back then. Canon is just now learning how to make a sensor that isn't riddled with these issues.


Is there a decent tutorial on how to shoot a great photo in high iso settings?

To get good high ISO shots these are the most important for me:

1) Don't underexpose the photo

2) Use noise reduction + a sharpening mask, don't sharpen the entire image

3) Downsample at very high ISO

Actually I find being above ISO 12800 very acceptable on the a7R II even with no noise reduction, using a sharpen mask will avoid bringing out too much of the noise and downsampling helps too

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