Best birthday gift ever also the worst birthday gift ever (A6500 vs NX1)

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Re: Best birthday gift ever also the worst birthday gift ever (A6500 vs NX1)

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Anyway - one thing is pretty clear: Sony is the future, not Samsung. I'm pretty sure that you will acquire Sony mirrorless sooner or later, but maybe it's reasonable to think that the good time for that is not right now.

Since you like your Samsung gear, you should keep it, and drive it "until the wheels come off".

Or until something better comes along. In a couple of years Medium Format might hit the price levels of the Sony A7RII.

And hey it's still possible that Sony could release

a "Classic Minolta Colors" version of the 6500 - if they do, count me in!!

+1. I agree. But those colors mainly went along with CCD sensors...I'm afraid. I really loved the colors & IQ of my Konica-Minolta 5D, also Pentax K10D has pretty good colours (10mp CCD sensor).

BUT actually I also liked my Pentax K-7 and K20D with its Samsung 14,6mp sensor, yes - colours...As I wrote year 2009:

...Anyway, I never got the very same feeling with my NX500.

Currently I have Pentax K-1 (with Sony FF 36mp sensor) and Sony A7RII (with Sony 42mp FF sensor), from these two camera, I prefer A7RII what comes the colours. It's otherwise very nice mirrorless camera too, shame that a little bit overpriced model. Something like $2399$ could be better price for it.

Happy shootings,


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As I wrote somewhere else in this forum there is a 300$ discount in US and 400pounds (! that is huge!) deduction in UK (and probably Europe) for both the A7sII and A7rII.

Yes, discounts must happen. A7RII is a fairly old model and high price has remained too long...

I will be waiting for the next generation, as these Sonys are lacking a lot of useful ergonomic and user features for me. Plus I am not a friend of the, so called "full frame" cameras (and especially the size and weight of their lenses).

Personal things After my long APS-C history, the "true" fullframe feels just right. The perfect compromise for me (between MF/Medium Format and crop sensors). I tried to live with APS-C and speedbooster (to get more freedom to DoF playing ), but I got bored with it.

Some fullframe lenses are bigger, some not. It depends. What you can get for APS-C, if you want something like 50mm, f/1.4 fullframe performance? 35/0.95 lens?! I can tell you, that 35/0.95 isn't smaller than 50/1.4...Or what about classic and quite compact sized 70-200/4 fullframe zoom? ...50-135/2.8 for APS-C - well not so big size differences....Or 70-300/4-5.6 Basic fullframe zoom? 50-200/4 for aps-c ...OR Basic 28-70/2.8 (or 24-70/2.8) fullframe zoom - nothing for APS-C, except almost: Sigma 18-35/1.8, that zoom is about 28-50/2.8 fullframe equivalent, and relatively large, heavy lens.


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- Ari Aikomus -
'Why should I feel lonely ? is not our planet in the Milky way?'

I stopped reading when you started your maths!

but I was taking pictures "full frame" all my life, with a Zenith, an AE-1 and a Spotmatic and whatever was after them. I still have most of my lenses from the old ones, do a comparison in todays standards in size and weight (I am not saying they were better, I am talking about size and weight here).

I moved to Canon EF-S for a brief period, but I moved to digital as soon as I could afford, and getting some worthy performance. I moved to APS-C with the latest cameras as they are excellent for everything, plus for video super 35 is a must (and the only one for 99,99% of the real productions out there). Also, m4/3 cameras are very good for some uses (video is one of them) so they had my attention for some time too.

My sweet spot for size/weight/performance is NX, 28megapixls APS-C sensor, just spot on (I am not saying that 24 is too little, I just say that I like the NX system as a whole, and it happens to have one of the best APS-C sensors ever, bonus!) .

I do not want "full frame" 50mm 1.4f, if I needed that, I would use that, why to start doing all these calculations? I have excellent 16-50 2-2.8f, 45mm 1.8f, 30mm 2f and everything else I have. I can also use some of my legacy lenses. You could have the 85mm 1.4f, if you 'd like, or a similar Samyang, it isn't my game, so I do not own one.

The "full frame" look is more a situation of "bigger is better" mentality, and had some advantages with older crop sensors that are starting to fade with every step of sensor's technology.

Full frame is not "true", as what is true and what is fake? it is just a format, actually it used to be small,

"Historically, 35mm was considered a small film format compared with medium format, large format and even larger."

Yep. That all is perfectly right, I can't or want argue with that...Personal things, as I wrote above. The perfect compromise for me (between MF/Medium Format and crop sensors) is that so called "fullframe", classic 36 x 24 mm size.

Anyway, what comes to Samsung...They made some great MILC products, but they also made one big mistake: they betrayed their MILC customers!! I will never forget it. This one damn Korean company. They sold us a system (which requires continuity), and then ended it far too soon.... It's like bad parents and their good and talented child, which was left without the love and the future. I don't tolerate that thought. This is why I'll never going to buy any Samsung product. It is my personal protest. I don't like this kind of business at all.


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- Ari Aikomus -
'Why should I feel lonely ? is not our planet in the Milky way?'

I agree with you 1000%!! for both issues (personal preferences is the one, and how bad Samsung treated their customers).

But, and this is a big "BUT", I will not allow my self to limit my options because of how they did treat us, in the end, cameras are products, there is no camera that you bought in 2014, that is so good, as the NX1 is, and there is no such lens as the 16-50S, similar yes, so innovative and original, NO!

I did most of my NX buys when I realized that the system was off, as I said, my sweet spot is APS-C, I balanced my options, and decided that for the next couple of years NX will be just fine (of course I miscalculated the 10 bit of GH5! but no one was expecting that), so I decided to invest more on the system, so I do not feel "cheated", as I willingly got more NX stuff, because I loved the ergonomics, design, had the right lenses for me, future proof features (excellent touch screen functions, OLED screen, no overheating, H265, 4K/UHD, slow motion, no crop at all, 28 megapixels one and only BSI sensor, great battery life, cameras for all my needs - I have 3, etc etc).

I wasn't ready to take any decision for another system, as Fuji has so many limitations and issues yet (the just have their first video worthy camera, and still they need to improve on that matter), Sony's have myriad issues, which I extensively have cover here and other forums, Canon isn't ready yet (or not willing), and m4/3 isn't my cup of tea.

So until the next generation, I am staying here, and then, I doubt we will see a definitely much better camera than the NX1 (and NX500, great little camera!).

I am going back to "not limit my options". Recently we renovated our apartment, and when we were searching for a special material to use in our kitchen (anti bacterial, easy to clean, etc etc) the best option was, guess what, something made by Samsung! Every time I do a search for a new TV, Samsung is always on the top of my list (I have 3), when I want to buy an SSD, there is always a Samsung at the top. I even got SD cards, EVO, EVO+ and Pro for my cameras and various devices.

Deciding against such a big and innovative company is something I wouldn't do to my self, if it was LG, Apple, or Sony, or Canon, or Pentax, or Nikon, or Fuji, or Panasonic, or Olympus, gladly, but Samsung is everywhere, and they offer great innovation and tech, for a fair price.

Sony out of photo/video industry, is a loss for customers, and the advance of the industry.

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