New: Canon 50-200 L

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fishy wishy
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Re: New: Canon 50-200 L

Does anybody remember comparing the 'L' and non-L versions?

The L is rather rare, a fact taken advantage of by sellers to raise the price to 6x that of the non-L.

I sometimes need a 50-135-200 range on FF. Unfortunately that whole range is only found on crop sensor lenses which don't cover the FF sensors. Some cover the APS-H sensors, but still too long. I did consider the Sigma 24-105 f4 on APS-H as the next most logical choice, but when I handled it, it felt a bit too much for me to keep zooming all the time.

The lens would largely be used indoors at its 50-135 f3.5-4 range. I'm not expecting killer sharpness and I don't need corner sharpness, but it would at least be nice if chromatic aberration wide open didn't kill off the IQ.

I had the 35-105 and 35-135 lenses at one time but don't remember much about them. Was hoping the real aperture of the 50-200 might be a little faster at 135mm.

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